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How to Set up iPad Pro 2 Guide and Tutorial

Set up iPad Pro 2
How to Set up iPad Pro 2 Guide and Tutorial·- Set up a new iPad Pro 2, but the process is pretty much the same for any iPad Air, iPad mini or iPad Pro model. Read on for more details of the whole iPad Pro 2 setup process, including step-by-step tutorial to set up an iPad Pro 2 from opening the box to downloading your first apps and more.

How to Set up iPad Pro 2 Guide and Tutorial

Discover how to set up your iPad Pro 2 correctly based on iPad Pro 2 Manual from the official and learn which optional features (Siri, iCloud, location services and so on) you should activate

If you've just bought or been given a new iPad Pro 2 (whether it's an iPad Pro 12.9in, iPad Pro 10in, iPad Pro 9.7in or iPad Air 2, or an iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3 or iPad mini 4), and want to know how to set up the iPad Pro 2 and get started, you've come to the right place. Apple makes it wonderfully easy to set up and start using its iOS products, which should fill newcomers with confidence; but a little straight-talking guidance never goes amiss. That's what we'll try to provide in this article.
WARNING: To avoid injury, read Important safety information before using iPad.
This guide will take you carefully through the process of setting up a new iPad and getting everything started. Here's how to get your iPad Pro 2 up and running.

The first thing to do is to take the iPad out of its box. You may laugh, but this is always our favourite part of buying a new Apple product. The company is known for the simple and attractive quality of its product packaging, and its understanding of the importance of first impressions.

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button (it's located at the top right of the iPad with the screen facing you) and it should wake up. Most iPads ship with around 90 percent charge still in them, so it shouldn't need charging at this point...
  • If the iPad is low on power and doesn't wake up when you hold the Sleep/Wake button, you may need to charge it. Take the Apple Power Adaptor out of the box and attach the cable to the adaptor (using the USB connection end) and to the iPad (using the Lightning end). Plug it into the wall and give it 10 minutes.
  • If you've bought a Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad model you may need to install the Nano-SIM card.

To do this iPad Pro 2 settings you'll need to open up the iPad's SIM tray, which is located on the righthand edge - you're looking for a half-inch-long thin rounded rectangle with a hole at one end. You can use the SIM card ejector tool provided by Apple, or a paperclip; either way you gently insert the tool into the hole until the tray lifts outwards a little, and then pull it out with your fingers. Insert the SIM and put the SIM tray back into the iPad.
How to Set up iPad Pro 2 Guide and Tutorial

How to put a SIM card in iPad Pro 2

If you asked Apple to help you set up the iPad when you bought it they may have already installed the SIM card for you.
  1. Slide your finger across the screen to get started. The first thing you need to do is to join a wireless network so the iPad can connect to Apple's servers to request and send setup information.
  2. Choose your Wi-Fi network from the list and then enter the password. Click Join.
If you haven't got access to a Wi-Fi network and have a Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad you can continue using the 3G/4G connection, which will work. But we suggest waiting until you're on a good Wi-Fi network first. This is likely to be faster and more reliable, and if you choose to download some apps after setting up they may use up a lot of your data allowance.

Set up iPad Pro 2 Location, Location Services

Tap Enable Location Services to use Location Services. This is the suite of features that use the GPS and Wi-Fi/Cellular triangulation to detect your location.

You don't have to do this, but lots of apps, including Maps, won't function correctly without Location Services enabled.

Create a Passcode and Touch ID
You'll be asked to enter a four- or six-digit passcode. This is used to log on to the iPad along with Touch ID.

  1. By default the iPad will propose a six-digit passcode when setting it up as a new device (if you set it up from a backup and used to have a four-digit code, it'll happily let you stick with that). If you'd rather use a four-digit passcode than a six-digit one, tap Passcode Options and select the relevant option. You can also switch to an alphanumeric code (a regular password with letters and numbers) or select Don't Add Passcode.
  2. Whether you go for four digits, six digits or alphanumeric, we do recommend that you set up a passcode of some kind. It offers basic protection for your personal data, deters identity theft and makes your device harder for a thief to use. A passcode isn't high-end security but it helps, and tapping in a few numbers each time you start up the iPad, or use a single touch of a fingertip on the Touch ID scanner if you've got an iPad Pro, iPad Air or iPad mini, is a small inconvenience that we believe is heavily outweighed by the benefits.
  3. Enter passcode
  4. After the passcode is done you'll be asked to set up Touch ID, if your iPad has the relevant scanner. Pick a single finger or thumb and tap it lightly against the Home button (without pushing it) as requested. You can add further fingerprints later.

iPad Pro 2 Backup and Restore

You can either set up the iPad as a New iPad, or Restore it from an older iPad backup (which in effect copies everything from an old iPad to a new one).

You have four iPad Pro 2 Settings options:
  1. Set Up as New iPad
  2. Restore from iCloud Backup
  3. Restore from iTunes Backup
  4. Move Data From Android
The iCloud backup works fine, and these days more people are using iCloud to back up their devices. But we still find the iTunes Backup a little faster.

If you have an Android tablet and want to move your data over to iCloud, select Move Data From Android and follow the on-screen instructions.

Either way make sure you've backed up your old iPad recently to either iCloud or iTunes.

iCloud backup

If you're going the iCloud route, then tap on the old iPad and choose Settings > iCloud > Storage and Backup and look at the bottom where it says 'Last Backup' and tap Back Up Now.

iTunes backup

If you're going to go the iTunes route, connect your old iPad to your Mac/PC and open iTunes. Click on the iPad icon in the top-right, and look for Latest Backup. If it's a while ago, click Back Up Now.

Restore from iCloud/iTunes
  • If you tap Restore from iCloud/iTunes you'll need to enter your Apple ID and Password. When it's finished you should see a screen saying Update Complete.
  • If you tap Set up as New you'll be taken to the Apple ID screen. Tap Sign In With your Apple ID and enter your Apple ID and Password.
  • If you haven't got an Apple ID yet (seriously?) or want to start with a new Apple ID, tap Create a Free Apple ID and go through the setup process. You'll need to enter your birthday, name, address and various other details.
iPad Pro 2 Settings
Your Apple ID is used to make purchases from the App Store and iTunes, and to log into iCloud services. You may already have one, in which case enter the Apple ID and Password fields and tap Return.
  • If not, tap Don't have an Apple ID or forgot it, and Create A Free Apple ID. Enter your details to get an Apple ID.
  • Tap Agree next to the Terms and Conditions. You can read them if you want (in fact, strictly speaking we ought to instruct you to do so, even though they are inhumanly long), but you don't get a lot of choice in the matter: you have to agree to them to use your iPad. Tap Agree again on the pop-up window.
Set up Siri
Siri is iOS's onboard voice assistant; it's much maligned but has improved a great deal since it started and can be very useful. With Siri you can issue voice commands to your iPad, such as "remind me to mow the lawn" or ask questions such as "What's the capital of Bulgaria?"

What you might not know is that your voice recordings aren't interpreted on the iPad itself: they are sent to Apple to be machine-analysed (very quickly, so you won't particularly notice the delay, but it does mean you need to be online). And some people are more comfortable with that than others. Tap Turn On Siri to set up Siri, or Turn On Siri Later if you want more time to consider it.

If you're having trouble with Siri, or otherwise unconvinced, take a look at our Siri troubleshooting guide and our Complete guide to Siri.

You'll be asked if you want to help Apple improve its products by agreeing to diagnostics. If so, details of app crashes and the like will be sent to Apple for analysis by its engineers. It's a public-spirited thing to do, and may help problems you face to be solved more quickly, but it's not compulsory.

Apple encourages iPad users to send it diagnostic information whenever their devices go wrong, but whether you choose to do so is up to you. Tap Automatically Send or Don't Send to give Apple your diagnostics. We usually tap Automatically Send just to help Apple out, but it's up to you.

How to Use iCloud

Tap Use iCloud if you want to link your Apple ID to an iCloud account and start storing things on Apple's servers. iCloud is a pretty useful thing to have around, so tap Use iCloud unless you really don't want Apple to have access to any of your data.
How to Set up iPad Pro 2 Guide and Tutorial

Find My iPad

Tap Find My iPad to start using Apple's Find My iPad service. This is great if you ever lose an iPad: you can locate it on Apple Maps, send a message to the person who has it, lock it or erase it. It's pretty useful, so we'd recommend that you tap Find My iPad - but as ever it's your decision.

iMessage and FaceTime

You will now see a list of email address that people can use to contact you using iMessage and FaceTime. Tap the email addresses you don't want to use (this removes the blue ticks) and then tap Next.

Welcome to your iPad!

And that's it. You're now good to go. Tap the Get Started screen to start using your iPad Pro2.

iPad Pro 2 Manual and Complete Tutorial

iPad Pro 2 Manual and Complete Tutorial
iPad Pro 2 Manual and Complete Tutorial - The new iPad Pro 2 will come in three models on different sizes, 12.9-inch, 10.5-inch and 9.7-inch models. iPad Pro 2 Manual User Guide has specially to guide you the functions and features of your Apple iPad Pro 2. Read and download iPad Pro 2 Manual and get ultimate iPad Pro 2 Tutorial here . iPad Pro is a tablet computer designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc. Announced on September 9, 2015.

iPad Pro 2 Manual and Complete Tutorial

Apple may make new improvement on the iPad Pro 2 water and dust resistant, like the iPhone 7 and next iPhone 8. Some iPad Pro 2 improvements to the display and software tweaks or technology improvements, rather than an increased resolution. Based on previous Apple releases an early 2017 launch around March is possible, but there's evidence that the slate may have been delayed for making the chips for this iPad.

iPad Pro 2 Guide
Three configurations are available: Wi-Fi-only models with The iPad Pro 12.9 already has 4GB of RAM, but the iPad Pro 9.7 has just 2GB, so it would make sense for the new iPad model up in line with the 12.9-inch slate and for 10.5-inch model to equip that with 4GB of RAM. Apple iPad Pro 2 runs on iOS 10 update to iOS 11 and it supports picture-in-picture and spilt screen view.
iPad Pro 2 Manual and Complete Tutorial

iPad Pro 2 Specs
iPad Pro 2 with six cores for the A10X chip, will be very powerful all the same, and a sharp step forward in graphics processing especially. 4GB of RAM across the board would make sense and iOS 10 is all but guaranteed and updated Apple Pencil 2, ultra-thin bezels and possibly no physical home button 9.7in iPad with A9 or A9X processor for the iPad Air 3.

iPad Pro 2 Features
For the new iPad Pro 2 features no bezels and no home button on the front,faster performance processor, better support into iOS for the Apple Pencil, the optional stylus which works with only select apps on the iPad Pro models an update to iOS 10 and introduce in iOS 11. New Apple Pencil 2 use to annotate in many more stock apps including Mail, Messages, Safari and others. The Pencil should on the 10.5in iPad Pro, get the tutorial here and sorry for iPad mini with no stylus support. New Apple Pencil 2 is expected to attach to the iPad's body using magnets and feature a pocket clip. faster display technology that allows for smoother zooming, panning and scrolling.

iPad Pro 2 price
There's no news on pricing yet, so we only have the original iPad Pro's pricing to go from. That starts at $599 (£499, AU$899) for the 9.7-inch model and $799 (£679, AU$1249) for the 12.9-inch.
  • 32GB: £679; $799
  • 128GB: £799; $949
  • 256GB: £919; $1099
Complete with Wi-Fi and Cellular prices, the current iPad Pro 2 prices are
  • 128GB: £899; $1079
  • 256GB: £1019; $1229
iPad Pro 2 Manual User Guide
We provide you with iPad Pro 2 manual, tips & trick and iPad Pro 2 tutorial or instruction manual. So, read and Download iPad Pro 2 Manual here. Some of iPad Pro 2 User Guide :
  1. iPad Pro 2overview
  2. Setting Multi-Touch screen
  3. Sleep/Wake button
  4. iPad Pro 2 Status icons
  5. How to Set up iPad Pro 2
  6. Sign up for cellular service
  7. How to Connect to Wi-Fi
  8. How to Connect to the Internet
  9. Set up Apple ID, iCloud and other mail, contacts, and calendar accounts
  10. Manage content on your iOS 11 devices
  11. How to Connect iPad Pro 2 to your computer
  12. Sync iPad Pro 2 with iTunes
  13. iPad Pro 2 Tips for using iOS 11
  14. How to Customize iPad Pro 2
  15. How to setting iPad Pro 2 Control Center
  16. Alerts and Notification Center
  17. Sharing Contens, Transfer files
  18. Create Personal Hotspot
  19. ...More
iPad Pro 2 Tutorial
User the Apple Pencil 2 to sketching in the park, painting a watercolor portrait, or drafting a blueprint, Apple Pencil gives you a variety of tools in a single instrument.The new lightning-fast responsiveness of Apple Pencil separates it from other creative tools. That’s because its latency, the tiny delay between when you begin drawing and the time it appears on the screen, has been reduced to an almost imperceptible level.
iPad Pro 2 Manual/User Guiide/Tutorial

Apple Pencil 2 slender case are intricate and accurate pressure sensors, capable of measuring a range of forces. The carefully positioned sensor determines precisely how hard the tip of Apple Pencil 2 is being pressed down. Press harder to draw thicker lines. Or use a gentle touch for wispy hairlines. The variety of creative effects is virtually limitless.

Apple Pencil 2 Add shading with a tilt of the hand two tilt sensors in the tip of Apple Pencil calculate the exact orientation and angle of your hand. As you naturally write or draw, the relative positions of these sensors can be detected by the Multi-Touch display. So you can create shading effects simply by tilting Apple Pencil the way you would a charcoal or conventional pencil.

iPad Pro 2 battery life
iPad Pro 2 is designed with palm rejection technology, making it possible to rest your hand on the iPad screen while you use Apple Pencil 2. So you can focus on drawing with the utmost precision instead of worrying about how to position your arm. The Slip off the magnetic cap of Apple Pencil 2 to reveal a Lightning connector that lets you charge Apple Pencil simply by plugging it into iPad Pro. The connector features a slightly elongated design, so that charging is possible even when iPad Pro 2 is inside its Silicone Case. A full charge gives you 12 hours’ worth of scribbling, sketching, annotating, and editing, and if the battery happens to run out while using Apple Pencil 2, you can just charge it from your iPad Pro 2 for 15 seconds and get 30 minutes of use.