Samsung Galaxy S8 Update Features

Samsung Galaxy S8 Update
Samsung Galaxy S8 Update Features - Get Samsung Galaxy S8 Update here, Samsung press have been expecting to launch its Galaxy S8 flagship a day or two ahead of Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 in Barcelona, Spain, for a while now. Best Galaxy S8 features are the AI assistant, water resistant, wireless charging, and the S8 camera lens faster f/1.4 aperture in the works on dual-camera module with a telephoto zoom lens..

Samsung Galaxy S8 Update Features

Samsung has just released Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on August, 2016. Now Samsung are working on the new series of Samsung Galaxy S, that is Samsung Galaxy S 8. Samsung Galaxy S7 might be a couple months old, but chatter of the Samsung Galaxy S8 release date and all rumors about it is already coming through thick and fast. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S 8 is predicted to be launched next year on WWDC 2017. Just like the other Samsung’s flagship handset, the launch of Samsung Galaxy S 8 is also expected to bring a brand new ideas for public.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Update

This is not a surprising expectation since Samsung has a reputation for building a great phone. So it would be frustrating and disappointing if the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S 8 wasn’t as expected. Actually, we are still counting months to the launching day of Samsung Galaxy S 8 but everything about it is very much interesting to discuss. And here we want to share everything we got from many sources about Samsung Galaxy S 8. Within a couple months before the release date of Samsung Galaxy S8, there must be so many interesting news and rumors round up among the chatter. And this is why we need to share Samsung Galaxy S8 Update to readers, so that they know every new issue and announcement related to Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features
Samsung Galaxy S8 Update Features

The Galaxy S8 will have slick design and an improved camera and the Galaxy S8 features will be equipped with an enhanced Galaxy S8 AI feature (artificial intelligence feature), it will tap into Google's existing services, alternatively, however, it may use technology from Viv Labs, a startup which Samsung has agreed to acquire and which was created by the original team behind Siri.

The S8 AI voice-controlled assistant will reportedly be called "S8 Bixby". It's not clear at this stage if the name has any specific meaning or if it's just meant to be catchy, and we also don't know whether this is a working in-development codename or what is planned as the final name for launch. The Bixby moniker in a filing, which describes "computer software for personal information management, computer application software for smartphones, mobile telephones, portable computers and tablet computers, namely, software used to operate voice recognition system... computer software for enabling hands-free use of a mobile phone through voice recognition." This is so much pretty confirms that Samsung Bixby as a major AI platform to contend with Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Amazon Echo, amongst others. The service will likely replace the much more basic S Voice application we've seen to date.

Galaxy S8 Guide
The Galaxy S8 will ditch the PenTile Diamond Pixel display panel technology Samsung is already used to using - it'll still be Super AMOLED, of course, but will use a traditional RGB pixel layout to offer improved detail at a QHD resolution - that means NO 4K display folks, contrary to earlier reports. Samsung will implement an optical finger recognition scanner module under the display to replace the existing physical Home key and scanner combo. S8 claimed Samsung is following Apple and Lenovo's path of ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack in order to switch to wireless and free up internal space for components and/or a bigger batter. The Galaxy S 8 will adopt a Type-C USB port.

S8 Google’s Android N, the software expected to feature on the Galaxy S8 battery life improvements. Samsung does finally move to a 4K display with the Galaxy S8, you can count on that putting a serious damper on battery life too.On November 1, word has emerged from Korea regarding the Galaxy S8 display and design. According to Samsung Display researcher Park Won-sang, Samsung is going all out on the Galaxy S8 Super AMOLED display following the Galaxy Note 7 debacle. During the International Meeting On Information Display, Park said "Samsung Display would roll out a full-screen display whose display area ratio reaches more than 90 percent next year."

Samsung's Galaxy S8 feature a larger 5.5in display with a 4K resolution - allegedly this design feature has been picked specifically with VR in mind, implying that the handset may be being prepared to work with Google Daydream, a possible Google headset, and indeed Samsung's own Gear VR hardware. In addition, the new report also reiterates earlier claims that the display panel will have a UHD (4K) resolution designed for use with VR applications. The phone will sport a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution. Normally we would wonder why something sharper than the Galaxy S7's QHD 5.1in setup would be necessary (at nearly 600ppi) as it's already nearly impossible to pick out pixels if you try, but that said, VR is in its infancy and perhaps there are gains when you're staring directly into a phone dangled inches from your eyeballs.

Galaxy S8 Water resistant feature

One of the best Galaxy S8 features is waterproof chassis follows suit with an IP68-certified body. IP stands for ‘Ingress Protection’, and it’s a rating system put forward by the International Electrotechnical Commission to let consumers know how (1) waterproof, and (2) dustproof, a device is. If a handset is IP68-certified, it can be submerged in water at a depth of 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes. Read and dowload Galaxy S8 Manual to know more S8 settings. The waterproof Galaxy S8 was extremely well-received, so it seems unlikely that Samsung will tamper with its winning formula too much.

As we mentioned before that every detail of Samsung Galaxy S8 is still remain mystery. But it doesn’t stop us to have interesting information related to this mystery new handset. So far, we don’t know everything about the new Samsung Galaxy S8, but we’ll update this article as soon as we hear more information about it. we will share everything we know about Samsung Galaxy S8 includes the features, release date, price, specifications, news, and also all rumors.