S Pen Note 7 Tutorial

Galaxy Note 7 Tutorial
S Pen Note 7 Tutorial, Read here The S Pen Samsung Galaxy Note7 with a stylus that assists you in performing various functions. To maintain the water-resistant and dust‑resistant features of your device, make sure that the S Pen slot and opening are both maintained free of dust and water, and the pen is securely inserted prior to any exposure to liquids.

S Pen Note 7 Tutorial

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Tutorial to Remove S Pen
The S Pen stores inside your device for convenient access.
1. Push the S Pen inward until it pops out of the device.
2. Slide the S Pen out the rest of the way using the notch on the end of the S Pen.

Note 7 Air View
Hover the Note7 S Pen over the screen to preview content, or view information about an item on the screen.
Spen Note7 For example:
  1. Hover over an email in a list to preview the message before opening it.
  2. Hover over a photo album to preview the contents or see a picture enlarged.
  3. Hover over the timeline during video playback to preview and navigate to specific scenes.
  4. Hover over an icon or screen button to view the item’s name or description.
Note: The preview function is only available when the
S Pen’s onscreen pointer is a solid color.

Galaxy Note 7 Direct Pen Input
When filling out a form field in an app (like Name or Phone number in Contacts), you can open a Handwriting window to allow you to write an entry with the S Pen rather than type.
To use the S Pen Handwriting window:
1. When filling out a form field, hover the S Pen over the field until the Handwriting icon appears.
2. Tap Handwriting. The Handwriting window appears.
3. Use the space provided in the window to write an entry by hand using the S Pen. While writing, your entries are converted into text.
• To edit the converted text, use the Space, Delete, and Enter icons. To change the position of the cursor, drag the pointer below the cursor to the
desired position for editing.

Note7 Screen Off Memo
You can write quick memos without turning your device on.
Note: The screen off memo setting must be enabled.
For more information, see “S Pen Galaxy Note7 Settings”
To create a screen off memo:
1. Detach the S Pen while the screen is off.
2. Write on the screen.
• Tap Save to save your memo to the Samsung
Notes screen off memo app.
• Tap Delete to discard the memo.
Configure S Pen Settings Note 7
You can configure settings for the S Pen, including options for sounds and for tracking the S Pen when it is not stored in your device.
To configure S Pen settings:
►► From a Home screen, tap Apps > Settings > S Pen.
We hope this tutorial can guide you better using the New Galaxy Note7