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How to Charge Gear S3 Tutorial Tips and Tricks

How to Charge Gear S3
How to Charge Gear S3 Tutorial Tips and Tricks - Prepare your new Gear S3 and charge your device before use. With the Gear S3, you can go for up to four days in battery life before putting it down for a charge. When your Gear needs to charge, read here Samsung Gear S3 manual and tutorial how to charge with tips and tricks.

How to Charge Gear S3 Tutorial Tips and Tricks

After Gear S3 release date and you have to buy, before using the Gear S3 should you charge battery for the first time setup or when it sits unused for extended periods. Just put on Gear S3 wireless charging dock. The Gear S3 built in fast charges so not need a long time to charge.

How to Charge Gear S3

Before charging the GearS3, remove the rubber cover from the charging dock and follow this Gear S3 manual and instruction here:
  1. Connect the USB cable to the USB charger head. Then, insert the other end of the USB cable through the hole in the charging tray, and into to the wireless charging dock.
  2. Plug the USB charger head into an electric socket.
  3. Place the Gear into the wireless charging dock on top of the Charging stand.

Gear S3 Charging Time
How to Charge Gear S3 Tutorial Tips and Tricks

A fully Gear S3 charging time battery requires approximately 60 minutes to charge to 50% and 127 minutes to charge to 100% in new conditions. You can use the device while charging. Battery life and charge cycles vary by use and settings.

Gear S3 Battery Level

When you connect the Gear and the wireless charger dock, the wireless charger dock’s LED indicator flashes certain colors to indicate the battery level.

Gear S3 Battery Indicator
Gear S3 Battery Icon

  1. Red > Green > Orange: Standby mode.
  2. Battery icon Red: Charging.
  3. Green S3 battery icon means fully charged.
  4. Orange light is need to connected tobattery charger.

When a wireless charger dock error occurs, the LED indicator flashes red. Disconnect the Gear from the wireless charger dock, and then reconnect. If you have issue, problems and error occurs again, contact a Samsung Service Center for service support.

Gear S3 Tips and Tricks

  • If the battery is completely discharged, the Gear S3 problems cannot be turned on immediately after being connected to the charger. Allow a depleted battery to charge for a few minutes before turning on the Gear S3.
  • If you use multiple apps at once, the battery will drain quickly. To avoid losing power during a data transfer, always use these apps after fully charging the battery.
  • Using a power source other than the charger, such as a computer, may result in a slower charging speed due to a lower electric current.
  • If the Gear is being charged with other devices using a multi-charger, charging may take longer.
  • The Gear can be used while it is charging, but it may take longer to fully charge the battery.
  • If the Gear receives an unstable power supply while charging, the touchscreen may not function. If this happens, immediately disconnect the Gear from the Gear S3 wireless charging dock and leave the device aside until another power connection can be found.

Gear S3 Tips

  • Use only charging devices and batteries that are approved by Samsung. Samsung accessories are designed for your device to maximize battery life.
  • Using other accessories may void your warranty and may cause damage.
  • Do not disassemble, modify, or repair your device. Placing objects, such as magnetic stripe cards, including credit cards, phone cards, passbooks, and boarding passes, next to the device or charger may cause damage from the charger or device’s magnetic field.
  • Prevent the USB charger port and the small end of the charger from coming into contact with conductive materials, such as liquids, dust, metal powders, and pencil leads.
  • During normal operation and charging, the device and wireless charging dock may become warm. If the device, charging dock, or charging stand feels hot, stop using the device or stop charging until it cools.

Samsung Gear S3 Update Software

Samsung Gear S3 Update
Samsung Gear S3 Update Software - Samsung Gear S3 Frontier launched in September and Samsung Gear S4 release date scheduled for September, does the TizenOS release date hint at a new Samsung Gear S4? The news comes as Samsung started to reveal early details about its next major software update for the Gear S3, Tizen 4.0.

Samsung Gear S3 Update Software

The new Samsung Gear software is expected to ship with a richer feature set, and faster speeds than its predecessor. Samsung had previously revealed plans to have 10 million Tizen phones in the market this year. It also confirmed that the versatile operating system would be used to power its new line of smart washing machines and refrigerators. The webpage claims, "the first official version of Tizen will be released in September 2017 as a part of Tizen 4.0." Tizen 3.0 brought 64-bit compatibility as well as support for 4K Ultra HD graphics and image and speech recognition. Samsung also claimed Tizen 3.0 was 30 per cent faster its predecessor, Tizen 2.4. With the first beta set for June, Samsung appears to be moving away from Tizen 3.0 pretty fast.

Samsung Gear S4 Release Date

The release date scheduled for September, it is more than likely that the next-generation operating system will ship alongside the Samsung Gear S4 smartwatch. Samsung usually launches its flagship smartwatch at the IFA technology tradeshow in Berlin, which is held Samsung Gear S4 release date in early September.

"Samsung Electronics takes security and privacy very seriously. We regularly check our systems and if at any time there is a credible potential vulnerability, we act promptly to investigate and resolve the issue. We continually provide software updates to consumers to safeguard their products. We are fully committed to cooperating with Mr. Amihai Neiderman, to mitigate any potential vulnerabilities. Through our Bug Bounty program and internal security safeguards, Samsung continuously patches any would-be vulnerabilities."

Head of Avast mobile threat intelligence and security, Nikos Chrysaidos told: "With this OS already inside millions of smart TVs, mobile phones, fridges and smart watches, these vulnerabilities could also cause a new epidemic of Tizen-focused malware.

"Cybercriminals like to address a large audience, so attacking a relatively new but market-leading operating system obviously has the potential to deliver the biggest return. It can be an especially lucrative endeavour as today’s mobile platforms make it almost impossible to detect cybercriminals once they’ve broken in. This gives them plenty of time to continually extract what they need, and spread more malicious code without intervention."

Samsung Gear S3 Security Issue

Israeli researcher Mr Neiderman says he has shared snippets of the vulnerabilities he uncovered with Samsung. He has also cautioned the South Korean technology company against deploying the software in phones before a major overhaul to the underlying code. Mr Neiderman has skewered Samsung's TizenOS, which powers the Gear S3 Frontier and a slew of other smart devices – including televisions and smartphones. The Israeli researcher spoke to Motherboard ahead of a speech at the annual Security Analyst Summit held by Kaspersky Lab, revealing "It may be the worst code I've ever seen."

Samsung is committed to working with security experts around the world to mitigate any security. that Samsung already has its Tizen operating system running on some 30 million smart TVs, as well all of its Samsung Gear smartwatches and some smartphones in a limited number of markets, including Russia, India and Bangladesh.

Samsung Gear S3 (SM-R765V) Update Software

You can manually update your Gear S3 software through the Samsung Gear app on your mobile device. The app will automatically check for and notify you of Gear S3 updates unless the automatic update feature is turned off Gear S4.

Manual to check the Gear S3 software version on your device:
  1. From the Watch screen, press the Home key.
  2. Touch Settings.
  3. Scroll to and touch Gear info.
  4. Touch About device.
  5. Scroll to Software version and compare the version on your Gear S3 to the list below.
Version Date Released Description

R765VVRU0APHB TBD Initial Release

Manual Update Your Samsung Gear S3 Software
  1. From the Home screen of your mobile device, touch Apps.
  2. Touch Samsung Gear.
  3. The Samsung Gear app may be located in the Samsung folder by default on some devices.
  4. Touch the SETTINGS tab.
  5. Scroll to and touch About Gear.
  6. Touch Update Gear software.
  7. Touch Download updates manually.
If an update is available, follow the on-screen instructions to install the software on the Gear S3.

Gear S3 Home Screen Guide

Gear S3 Home Screen
Gear S3 Home Screen Guide - Learn some of the key features of your Samsung Gear S3 home screen, icons, as well as how to navigate the device and enter text using the keyboard with manual Gear S3 settings.

Gear S3 Home Screen Guide
The Watch screen Gear S3 is the starting point for the Home screen. Rotate the bezel to view items on the screen, such as notifications and widgets.

Gear S3 Watch Screen
Here is Gear S3 manual to view the current time. You can also check the battery life, the date, your step count, and more. Options vary dependent on which screen is visible.
  • Press the Gear S3 Home button to open the Watch screen when you are not on the Watch screen.

Change the Watch Face
  1. Touch and hold the Watch screen, and then rotate the bezel to view available watch faces.
    • You can add more watch faces by rotating to the last screen and tapping Get more watch faces.
  2. Tap the watch face to select it.
    • You can customize the watch face by tapping Stylize.
  3. You can also change the Gear’s watch face on your Galaxy S8 smartphone.
    • From the Apps screen of the smartphone, tap Samsung Gear > Settings tab > Watch faces.

Gear S3 Tutorials
Stay up to date with events, notifications, and messages from your smartphone. When you receive a notification, it is displayed at the top of the screen and disappears after a few seconds and the Gear vibrates.

Samsung Gear S3 tutorial view notifications:
  1. Rotate the Gear S3 bezel left.
  2. Tap the notification screen to view the notification’s detail.
Samsung Gear S3 Settings

View Other Gear S3 Notifications
  1. Rotate the bezel left to view notifications.
  2. Tap the number at the bottom of the screen.

Delete Notifications
  1. Rotate the bezel left to view notifications.
  2. Swipe upward from the bottom edge of the screen to delete all notifications.

Gear S3 Tutorial Block Notifications
  1. Select a notification from the app you want to block.
  2. Tap the notification to view the details.
  3. Tap More options, rotate the bezel to Block app and tap Block app.
    • The Gear no longer receives notifications from the app.
    • You can block specific app notifications before you receive them by using the Limit notifications settings on your smartphone.

Gear S3 Widgets
You can add Gear S3 widgets to the Home screen. Widgets are small apps that offer limited functionality to provide information and convenient access.

Add Widgets
You can add more widgets on the Home screen.
  • Rotate the bezel to the end of the Widgets, and tap Add widget and select a widget.
  • The selected widget is displayed in a new panel.
Remove Widgets
  • Touch and hold a widget and then tap Delete

Gear S3 Status
This Samsung Gear S3 panel allows you to view the current status and configure basic Gear S3 settings.
  • On the Gear S3 Watch screen, swipe downward from the top edge of the screen.
Gear S3 Status Panel
  1. Status bar: Displays device indicator icons.
  2. Brightness: Adjust the brightness of the screen.
  3. Sound: Adjust the device volume.
  4. Do not disturb: Block all notifications and alerts.
  5. Airplane mode: Disconnect your device from all networks and turn off connectivity.
  6. Music player: Play music from your Gear.

Gear S3 Icons
Indicator icons display at the top of the screen. The icons listed in this table are most common.
  1. Airplane mode: Airplane mode is enabled.
  2. Bluetooth connected: Bluetooth is connected.
  3. Bluetooth disconnected: Bluetooth is disconnected.
  4. Bluetooth headset connected: A bluetooth headset is connected.
  5. Wi-Fi connected: Wi-Fi® is connected.
  6. Battery full: Battery is fully charged.
Samsung Gear S3 Tutorial Adjust the Brightness

Samsung Gear S3 Tutorial Adjust the Brightness
You can adjust the Gear’s display brightness to suit the environment. Samsung Gear S3 Settings
  • On the status panel, tap Brightness and adjust the brightness by rotating the bezel.

Adjust the Sound
You can adjust the Gear’s sound settings.
  • On the status panel, tap Sound and adjust the sound by rotating the bezel.

Do Not Disturb Mode
You can set the Gear S3 not to vibrate and turn off the screen when a notification is received (except for alarms).
  • On the status panel, tap Do not disturb.
    • The Do not disturb icon is displayed at the top of the Watch screen.
Airplane Mode
Airplane mode disconnects your S3 from all networks and turns off connectivity features, such as phone calls and Wi-Fi.
  • On the status panel, tap Airplane mode.
    • The Airplane mode icon is displayed at the top of the Watch screen.

Play Music
You can save and play music on the Gear S3 or smartphone.
  • On the status panel, tap Music player.

Gear S3 Review Tutorial and Guide

Gear S3 Guide
Gear S3 Review Tutorial and Guide - Smartwatches Android were released this year by Samsung, and funnily enough, the only great option for Android users. The Gear S3 watch is the most Android Wear smartwatches. It builds on the Gear S2, and while it hasn’t changed our minds about the usefulness of smartwatches, Samsung makes a compelling case in smart device.

Gear S3 Review Tutorial and Guide

Both the Gear S3 Models Classic and Frontier models resemble the Gear S2 Classic, which Samsung released earlier this year. They’re significantly larger at 46mm, which means this watch will look strange and out of place on smaller wrists. The Gear S3 Frontier has a sportier design, is 5 grams heavier, and comes with a more rugged silicone strap. If you want 3G/LTE enabled on the watch, you’ll have to get the Frontier and it will work only on AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks.

Gear S3 Review
Classic and Frontier models have a great and beautiful design, especially the S3 looks like a regular watch. I usually prefer classic designs akin to the Classic S3, but the Frontier has more character. The Gear S3 comes pre-installed with same as watch, but the companion app is full of free and great after install Gear S3 App.

Gear S3 Review Tutorial and Guide
Gear S3 built in IP68 waterproof rating so you can use it up to 1 meter underwater for 30 minutes. It works okay in the rain, but we had some temporary touch issues the longer it got wet.The Super AMOLED Gear S3 display use 360 × 360 pixel resolution. The always-on display is a must for smartwatches; it dims the screen and leaves your watch face barely visible to conserve power but you can always turn it off to save even more battery.

The Gear S3 shows color in always-on mode, builds on its predecessors, and the end result is a good-looking smartwatch that’s fairly durable. The bezel makes a satisfying sound when you rotate it, similar to what you’d hear on a combination lock with a dial. The best Gear S3 features of the watch, you can quickly scroll through anything on the interface. You’re required to tap on the watch screen to complete actions, which is a shame, as we would rather not leave fingerprints on it. The Gear S3’s interface is simple and has largely remained unchanged from the Gear S2.

Gear S3 Guide
Gear S3 Review Tutorial and GuideJust tap and hold the screens to customize this Gear S3. The first screen on the right is where you can access your apps, the phone if you have the LTE variant, S Voice, and the watch’s settings. You can also press and hold the back button to trigger Samsung Pay, press and hold the home button to see powering off options for the Gear S3, or double tap it to bring up voice search with S Voice. You can also triple press the back button to send an SOS alert, but you have to connect it with an ADT app first.

Gear S3 Tutorial
The widget Gearr S3 creation button, in case you want to add something new :
  1. From the main watch face, you can rotate the bezel right or swipe to move through various widget screens.
  2. Press and hold the screen and you’ll be able to delete ones you don’t want.
  3. All the way at the end of the list is the widget creation button, in case you want to add something new.
  4. These widgets can range from news stories from Flipboard to music controls.
This implementation allows for quick and easy access to the most important information, and it’s dead simple to use. The Gear S3 is compatible with some Android apps, but for the most part, you’re stuck using Tizen apps.

With the Gear S3, you can leave your phone and still have complete functionality on the watch. The 4GB of internal storage should be enough to download App, a lot of songs onto the watch, but you can also make calls, respond to texts, or navigate, and built-in GPS. There’s also Wi-Fi so you can connect the device to your home or work network, though you may see a hit on your battery life. Predictade 4 days battery life so don't worry to use it and simply charge with Gear S3 Wireless Carging.

Samsung Gear S3 Manual and Tutorial

Samsung Gear S3 Manual
Samsung Gear S3 Manual and Tutorial - Read here The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Manual and Gear S3 Classic Manual both versions of the Gear S3 are evenly matched in the spec stakes, with a dual core 1.0GHz processor, 4GB internal memory, 380mAh battery and 768MG RAM.

Samsung Gear S3 Manual and Tutorial

The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Manual and Gear S3 Classic Manual are Samsung Gear S3 models come with support for IP68 water resistance and mobile payments through Samsung Pay. The Samsung Gear S3's 1.3-inch circular Super AMOLED always-on display has a resolution of 360 x 360 and a pixel density of 278ppi (pixels per inch), and it's protected by extra-tough Corning Gorilla Glass SR+, which is a first for a Samsung Gear wearable are compatible with Android devices running Android 4.4 or later.

Gear S3 Features
Answer a call, turn up the volume or turn off the alarm. Turn the bezel to scroll through apps, messages and long text. It couldn't be easier to do what you want, to get to what you want. You don't need your phone with you. With the Gear S3 has a built-in speaker that lets you make or take calls right away on the device.

Samsung Gear S3 Performance
The Gear S3 has a built-in GPS that gives you the freedom to explore and to stay on track even without your phone. And with its long-lasting battery, you only need to set it down for a charge every few days. Even without your phone, you can check the distance you've covered, the trail you need to take. You're able to track your progress from your daily runs to your golf score on the green. The GPS on the Gear S3 takes care of it all.

Samsung Gear S3 Fast Charging
The Gear S3 Battery 380mAh battery as well as a much more efficient platform in Samsung's proprietary Tizen operating system (AKA the Tizen Based Wearable Platform 2.3.2). By having an always-on display, wearers will be able to quickly glance at the watch to tell the time, like a classic timepiece, rather than having to wait for the screen to turn on, as with other smartwatches. The Gear S3 battery life looks to be massively extended too: where most Android wear watches are promising a couple of days' use before conking out, the two new Samsung watches are tipped for four days' use between charges. Read the next Gear S3 Tutorial Battery charging.

Turning the Gear S3 on and off
Here the Samsung Gear S3 Manual to Turn On Gear S3
    Samsung Gear S3 Manual and Tutorial
  1. Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds to turn on the Gear.
  2. When you turn on the Gear for the first time or reset it, a pop-up window displays. Follow the prompts to download and install the Samsung Gear app on your smartphone.
  3. To turn off the Gear, press and hold the Power button, and then tap Power off.

Samsung Gear S3 Tutorial Connecting the Gear to a Smartphone
You should connect your Gear to your smartphone once before using the Gear. To connect your Gear to a smartphone, install the Samsung Gear app on the smartphone. Launch Galaxy Apps or visit samsung gear from your smartphone to download it. For non-Samsung devices, download the Samsung Gear app from the Google Play store. Compatible with Android 4.4 and later with 1.5GB RAM. Some features may not be available. For best compatibility, connect with compatible Samsung Galaxy devices. Gear S3 Tutorial Connecting the Gear to a Smartphone :
  1. Turn on the Gear.
  2. On the smartphone Apps screen, tap Samsung Gear.
  3. If necessary, update the Samsung Gear app to the latest version.
  5. When the Bluetooth pairing request window displays, confirm the passkeys displayed on your Gear and smartphone match, and then tap OK.
  6. Follow the prompts to complete the connection.
Download Samsung Gear S3 Manual PDF
Read here Gear S3 User Guide on download this Gear S3 Manual PDF below

Gear S3 Battery Charging Tips and Precautions :
  1. In the event that the battery is totally released, the Gear can't be turned on instantly subsequent to being associated with the charger. Permit a drained battery to charge for a couple of minutes before turning on the Gear.
  2. In the event that you utilize various applications on the double, the battery will deplete rapidly. To abstain from losing power amid an information exchange, dependably utilize these applications after completely charging the battery.
  3. Utilizing a power source other than the charger, for example, a PC, may bring about a slower charging speed because of a lower electric current.
  4. On the off chance that the Gear is being accused of different gadgets utilizing a multi-charger, charging may take longer.
  5. The Gear can be utilized while it is charging, however it might take more time to completely charge the battery.
  6. On the off chance that the Gear gets an unsteady power supply while charging, the touchscreen may not work. In the event that this happens, instantly disengage the Gear from the remote charger dock and leave the gadget aside until another power association can be found.