Samsung Statement on Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Batteray Explosion
Samsung Statement on Galaxy Note 7 - There have been 35 Note 7 cases that have been reported and have been no reports of injuries related to the Note 7 problems. Samsung will galaxy note 7 recall / replace their Note 7 device with a new one over the coming weeks. The Battery Note 7 issue which lines up with the earlier reports of phones catching fire and exploding. The Samsung Note 7 Battery problem came while the phone was being charged. Low-quality battery Note 7 cells are susceptible to overheating and failing when charged and used heavily had Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Batteray Explosion

Samsung Statement on Galaxy Note 7

Koh Dong-jin from Samsung’s mobile business head having said that 1 million Note 7 handsets have been built at this point. “As of Sept. 1, a total of 35 claims were registered with Samsung’s service centers at home and abroad. Only 24 units on a scale of 1 million were affected by the battery problem,” Koh reportedly said in a statement to the press in South Korea. It seems China is the one place where the Note 7 hasn't been recalled, as reports are claiming that a different battery supplier was used in China. That Note7 battery cell made by one of its two battery suppliers caused the phone to catch fire, but Koh refused to name the supplier.
Samsung Held All Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has issued a declaration teaching customers that they will have the ability to supplant their Galaxy Note 7s with new units as in front of calendar. Samsung Recalls All Galaxy Note 7. For clients who as of now have Galaxy Note7 gadgets, we will intentionally supplant their present gadget with another one over the coming weeks.
  1. Clients will be given the alternative of exchanging their units in for either another Note 7 or a Galaxy S7/S7 edge and a discount for the distinction. All embellishments can likewise be traded for their S7 counterparts.
  2. Samsung is additionally offering a $25 telephone charge credit, or a $25 blessing card, for the burden. The organization prescribes calling 1-800-SAMSUNG to orchestrate a mail trade, or to give back the unit to the retail location, (for example, Best Buy) from which they bought the unit.
  3. T-Mobile is giving clients a chance to give back their Note 7 in any store for a full discount of the price tag and any frill you may have purchased. You'll then be given the decision of purchasing another telephone or accepting another Note 7 when they are put at a bargain once more, in the event that you wish.
  4. Sprint says that clients can give back their Note 7 to any of its stores), and will be given a "practically identical gadget" to use meanwhile.
  5. Verizon says it has quit offering the Galaxy Note 7 and "through September 30, 2016, Verizon is forgoing the restocking charge for any clients who bought a Galaxy Note7 and wish to return or trade it."
  6. AT&T Satement exchange Note 7, and is permitting clients to give back their gadgets to the store for another cell phone. They will likewise discount any embellishments obtained specifically from them.
  7. U.S. Cell has not yet declared its arrangements for taking care of the review, yet we expect will offer comparative administrations to the others.

About the Galaxy Note 7 recall Samsung Statement said "working intimately with our accomplices to guarantee the substitution experience is as advantageous and proficient as would be prudent," however it appears like Note 7 proprietors could be at danger in the event that they keep on using their cell phones in the coming weeks. Furthermore, it truly is a disgrace, the Galaxy Note 7 is the best Phone Android in the world has ever seen.
Here the Samsung Statement on Galaxy Note 7 :

The Samsung product exchange announced the immediate availability of the U.S. Product Exchange Program for Galaxy Note7 owners. This program was launched in response to the recent announcement regarding isolated battery cell issues with the Galaxy Note7 device.