How To Set Parental Controls On Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Parental Controls On Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
How To Set Parental Controls On Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 - The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Service is not designed for use by children without their parent's supervision. Official Samsung do not knowingly collect any personal information from children under the age of eighteen, Learn here in bestvphones how to set parental controls on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 / S3, so we can setup a safe gadgdet to our children.

How To Set Parental Controls On Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung ask that anyone under the age of sixteen (16) not submit any personal information through the Service. It’s impossible to keep tabs on your child’s internet habits on your own. This is where Android parental controls step in to help you keep your children safe and protected in today’s connected world. Your child’s first digital playground. Kids Mode is a treasure trove of fun, child-safe content. A simple setup is all you need in order to get started on your Galaxy Tab 3 / Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Galaxy smartphone or tablet. Your child’s happiness and safety is guaranteed with Kids Mode. With Kids Mode, your child can roam free on your Samsung Galaxy device

Parental Controls On Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Protect your child from accessing potentially harmful content by setting up a PIN to prevent your child from exiting Kids Mode. A parental control feature allows you to both set limits to your child’s usage and customize the content you make available. Kids Mode is fun that’s designed for children There’s just so much to see and do in the Kids Mode app. Your child can dress up their newly favorite characters, play games with them and dance along to the songs they sing. It’s a world of fun that never ends.

How To Set Parental Controls On Samsung Galaxy Tab 3?

Download a range of additional free and paid apps from the Kids Store accessible in Kids Mode. Take your pick from around 1,000 apps designed to help children to learn as well as play. Let your kids enjoy language-learning apps, age appropriate math apps and more that also feature a range of popular cartoon characters. A safe, secure and fun application for your children to learn and play
How To Set Parental Controls On Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
  1. Animated home screen with customisable characters and an easy to use interface
  2. Exclusive applications for your children including a fun camera, voice changer and colouring book
  3. Safe from unintentional in-app purchases and always under the parent’s control
Various applications sorted by age and category available in a special Kids Store, (where parents authorise the download), including educational apps, fun digital toys, games featuring their favourite TV characters and wonderful story books

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Mode

To provide quality service in Kids Mode and its basic kids apps, it needs below app access privilege. (Mandatory Access Privilege)
  1. Storage : (Kids Mode) To set media files (photo/video/music), which can be allowed in the parent control.
  2. (Kids Camera, Kids Drawing) To save media files (photo/video/drawing) on device, which are created in the apps.
  3. (Kids Video, Kids Music, Kids Gallery) To read media files (video/music/photo) from device.
  4. Phone : (Kids Mode) To check the call status when opening and using Kids Mode.
  5. (Kids Camera, Kids Music, Kids Magic Voice) To control camera, music play, recording function during a call.
  6. Camera : (Kids Camera) To use camera, video function in the app.
  7. (Kids House) To use camera function in 3D dancing game.
  8. Contacts : (Kids Mode) To add contacts, which can be allowed in the parent control.
  9. Microphone : (Kids Camera, Kids Magic Voice) To use video, recording function in the apps.
  10. SMS : (Kids Camera) To check the message while using Kids Camera.

How to Download Parental Controls On Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Go to the Google Play download page in a new window Click Download Parental Control App
Go to the Galaxy Apps store download page in a new window search Kids Mode

How to use Parental Contol App

Safe is priority to children. Here the manual should you know to set Parental Controls On Samsung Galaxy Tab 3:
Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Mode Manual

  1. Download & Install
    • Use Kids Mode with ease. All you need to do is download and install the app.
  2. Create PIN code
    • Enter your PIN. Enter your PIN to activate the child protection function or to close Kids Mode.
  3. Manage profiles
    • Register your child’s profile information. You can add information (and photos) for up to six children. Check on your child’s usage through this screen.
  4. Parental control
    • Set a time limit on your child’s usage and ensure they are only accessing child-safe contents on your device.
  5. Kids Mode settings
    • You can set further restrictions on the use of the Back button. You can also change your PIN or revert to default Kids Mode settings. from the child protection > more views > setup menu.
  6. Kids Mode app
    • The Kids Mode home screen lets you access the Kids Drawing, Kids Music, Kids Magic Voice and Kids Video apps, as well as other apps you have downloaded from the Kids Store.
Tips: In Galaxy Apps, please get Kids Mode on Galaxy Essentials page.

Kids mode Manual

Galaxy Tab S3 Kids Mode Manual
Opening for the first time

  1. From the Home screen, tap Apps > Kids Mode .
  2. Setup a PIN code.
  3. Enter the Name and Date of birth for the Kids Mode profile. Tap Next to continue.
  4. Tap Accept on the Disclaimer to continue.
  5. Tap Skip if you would like to add applications later or Next if you have chosen applications to allow.
  6. Touch Finish to complete setup.
  7. From the Home screen, tap Apps > Kids Mode.
  8. Setup a PIN code.
  9. Enter the Name and Date of birth for the Kids Mode profile. Tap Next to continue.
  10. Tap Accept on the Disclaimer to continue.
  11. Tap Skip if you would like to add applications later or Next if you have chosen applications to allow.
  12. Touch Finish to complete setup.
  13. If you forgot or lost your PIN code for Kids Mode app, you can re-install and reset the app.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Guide
Kids Mode Tutorial

Exiting Kids mode without the PIN

You will lose all saved profiles and saved settings for Kids Mode app. You will need to re-install the app and setup new profile and PIN code.
  1. Briefly hold down the power button and touch Power Off .
  2. Touch POWER OFF to confirm.
  3. With the device turned OFF, press and hold the Power button.
  4. Release the Power button once the Samsung logo appears, then press and hold the Volume Down button until the device starts up.
  5. The device will start up in Safe mode.
To Exit from Safe mode,
    How To Set Parental Controls On Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
  1. Hold the Power button and touch Restart.
  2. Touch RESTART to confirm.
How to Un-install Kids Mode
  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps .
  2. Touch More options > Uninstall/disable apps.
  3. Touch on the Kids mode app to uninstall.
  4. Touch UNINSTALL to confirm deletion.
Once your device reboots, touch the Kids Mode app to Download and re-install the app.

How to Use Android Parental Controls to Keep Your Children Safe Online

In today’s world, kids are more connected than ever through their phones, computers, and anything with a screen attached. While these connections let children grow as people, create new bonds, and even find new ways to entertain themselves, the internet isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It was reported that nearly 40% of children aged eight to eleven access the internet every day. These statistics have only gone up since then as access to the internet is easier and easier to come by, even without you knowing about it.Not everything online is dangerous, but a child browsing and using the internet will eventually come across something harmful if they’re unprotected, uneducated about the dangers, and unsupervised.

Before you can keep your little one safe, you need to understand what you’re protecting them from. Not every game, or everything on the internet is out to get them, but without proper supervision or strategies, your children could be exposed to a world full of violent media, information thieves, cyber bullying, pornographic content, and sexual predators.

There is significant benefit to letting your kids have access to the internet. From educational games, access to almost infinite knowledge and resources, and entertainment options from music to movies, there is much to be gained from allowing your children some online access. But assuming it’s all ok is na├»ve, and not all of the potential threats come from a person on the other side of the screen. Apps can compromise children’s privacy and be as much of a risk online as a cyberbully or other threat.

If you don’t think it’s possible that your child could ever be involved in anything dangerous online; in March 2015, during a survey, over 60% of surveyed parents had children under the age of 18 who made unauthorized purchases online. Nearly a year has passed since then, and with the rise of technology, this number can only increase if children aren’t monitored, or given proper online strategies to stay safe. There are three major ways you can make sure your children stay safe with Android online. I’ll go into these topics with more depth later, but for now, look at these examples.

Parental Control Tips:
    How To Set Parental Controls On Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
  1. Don’t be afraid to educate your children on the dangers of online threats. For children over the age of 13, this is particularly effective.
  2. Explain safe use strategies about using social media to protect their identity.
  3. Warn them of the dangers of cyberbullying and its effects.
  4. Communicate with them about their internet habits, and your own.
  5. Try to get involved with your kids using Android devices.
    • Use Android’s built in systems to keep younger kids safe:
    • Use systems like screen pinning to make sure young children don’t access forbidden parts of your Android.
    • Enable different user profiles that have limiting features.
    • Set time limits for Android use with young children.
  6. Enable child safety apps for kids with their own Android devices:
    • Download and enable apps that are difficult to remove to bar children from unauthorized content.
    • Use apps to monitor their online activities from a young age to make sure they’re safe.
    • Install apps that aren’t intrusive, but provide a safer environment.

When your children are the right age, remember to educate them properly about the internet and its use. There will no doubt be times where they use the internet without supervision, so it’s crucial that they understand what is acceptable, and safe to engage in.

Let’s start Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 to parents with social media. Since almost every child in this generation uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr, it’s important that your children know about proper online etiquette, and how to keep themselves safe from online threats.

Author Tricia C. Bailey has compiled some great Do’s and Don’ts, and general information about talking to your kids about social media, with some helpful information from experts in the field.

Taking on the topic of cyberbullying follows closely behind social media. Preventing cyberbullying, learning to how deal with it when it happens, and reporting cyberbullying are all about awareness. If you don’t where to start about cyberbullying, is a great resource for prevention, help, and is good at teaching both parents, and children.

Gaming on Android is an easier topic to grasp, but harder to approach. When buying games offline in a brick and mortar store, age ratings are there to warn you as the parent about what your child will experience. Games in the Google Play Store, or even other places, have rating systems in place, but there are few barriers to underage downloads.

Unless you individually approve all the games your kids play on their Android devices, or set up a system that prevents them from being downloaded, restricting access to something like this is difficult.

When you can, talk to your kids about what games you feel comfortable with them playing if you’re afraid they’re playing anything they’re not yet equipped to handle.

Using Built-in Android Systems to Keep Your Kids Safe

The reason why the age range for this section is so low is because kids older than six can work their way around these systems easily enough. A child who’s five or younger won’t figure out a way to undo the protection.

This is as easy to setup like an explain as it is to complete. All you need is access to the Google Play Store, and a good enough memory, or a piece of paper so you don’t forget the password you set.
  1. Launch the Play Store, Access the Google Play Store from your home screen, or app drawer.
  2. Go to Your Play Store Settings
  3. Once you’re in the Play Store, either tap the hamburger menu (three stacked horizontal lines) in the Google Play search bar, or swipe from the left of the screen to bring up an extra menu shade.
  4. Once here, scroll down until you reach Settings, and then tap that option.
  5. Parental Controls and Key Creation
  6. Start scrolling down again, and eventually you’ll see the Parental controls option.
  7. Tap it, and then enable the new controls for your current user profile. Create a PIN or password you can easily remember, and then test the controls yourself to see if the restrictions are working, and suit your needs.
Another Tips Set Parental Controls On Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
Curious youngsters are endlessly fascinated by all that the powerful Galaxy Tab 3 can do. While trouble can come from leaving personal and financial information unguarded in hands of children dabbling on the web, setting parental controls on the Galaxy Tab 3 is an easy way to keep sensitive information safe. By safeguarding the Google Play online media store and utilizing feature-rich parental control apps, parents can relax while kids poke and swipe the Android tablet as they please, within reason.

Block or Filter Google Play

Apps such as Perfect App Protector and App Locker II allow users to set a pin or passcode to restrict the use of individual apps, including Google Play. This is certainly an effective way of preventing kids from accessing content in Google's media store. Another route is to access the Android-based content filter settings within the Google Play interface, where there are options for content filtering as well as requiring authentication for purchases.

Do Content Filtering

Apps are rated from "Everyone" up through low, medium, and high maturity levels, based on their content. In Google Play's content filtering options, parents can designate what app rating remains visible in the app store. This blocks the appearance of apps that includes content that may be inappropriate for kids.
Password for Purchases

While the content may be safe, some downloadable video games and apps for kids cost money, which parents may not wish to spend. Parents can prevent unauthorized spending by setting a password for purchases. This option is referred to within the Google Play settings menu as "requiring authentication for purchases."

Download a Parental Control App

Fortunately, a variety of effective and convenient parental control apps are available for download that give parents peace of mind through the ability to monitor usage, set screen time limits, view browser history, filter the web, and track the whereabouts of the Samsung tablet via GPS, among other controls.

MobileMinder App

MobileMinder is a full-spectrum app that covers all the bases of parental control. It provides parents with the power to filter a younger user's web experience, block any app or game, and examine and edit the stored gallery of images taken by the device's camera. It also includes communication features, such as text and phone record access, to see with whom, what, and how often a child communicates with other people through the tablet.

Mobile Fence blocks designated apps and websites, and monitors all activities on a device, including the amount of time spent on websites and apps. It tracks the location of the device and sends notifications when the device leaves designated "safe zones." It also has gameplay and overall device time limiting features, to curb usage altogether.
Screen Time Parental Control

This app is focused more on budgeting a child's usage of the Android device than on security, although it does provide an app-blocking function. It provides clever controls such as blocking games but allowing reading after bedtime, and blocking social media but allowing educational apps while at school. It also sets up a system of screen-time rewards for certain chores and tasks.

SecureTeen Parental Control App

The SecureTeen app provides monitoring and alert settings for parents to stay up to date on their kids' social media activities, including Facebook and Instagram. It also includes app blocking, GPS location tracking, and web filtering by keyword, all from a parent's computer, where settings are convenient and secure.

Hope you already keep safe children in place for Android devices to help keep your kids safety. Whether this is something on your own phone or tablet when you hand it off for someone else’s use, or an Android device with kids specifically in mind.