How to Charge Gear S4

How to Charge Gear S4 - Prepare your new Gear S4 and charge your device before use. With the Gear S4, you can go for up to four days in battery life before putting it down for a charge. When your Gear needs to charge, read the right manual and tutorial how to charge Gear S4 here.

How to Charge Gear S4

After Gear S4 release date and you have to buy, before using the Gear S4 should you charge battery for the first time setup or when it sits unused for extended periods. Just put on Gear S4 wireless charging dock. The Ger S4 built in fast charges so not need a long time to charge.

Charge Gear S4

Before charging the Gear, remove the rubber cover from the charging dock and follow this Gear S4 manual and instruction here:
  1. Connect the USB cable to the USB charger head. Then, insert the other end of the USB cable through the hole in the charging tray, and into to the wireless charging dock.
  2. Plug the USB charger head into an electric socket.
  3. Place the Gear into the wireless charging dock on top of the Charging stand.
Gear S4 Charging Time

A fully discharged battery requires approximately 60 minutes to charge to 50% and 127 minutes to charge to 100% in new conditions. You can use the device while charging. Battery life and charge cycles vary by use and settings.

Gear S4 Battery Level

When you connect the Gear and the wireless charger dock, the wireless charger dock’s LED indicator flashes certain colors to indicate the battery level.

Gear S4 Battery Icon
  1. Red > Green > Orange: Standby mode
  2. Red: Charging.
  3. Green: Fully charged
  4. Orange: Connected to a low-charger head
When a wireless charger dock error occurs, the LED indicator flashes red. Disconnect the Gear from the wireless charger dock, and then reconnect. If you have issue, problems and error occurs again, contact a Samsung Service Center for service support.

Gear S4 Tips and Tricks
  1. If the battery is completely discharged, the Gear S4 problems cannot be turned on immediately after being connected to the charger. Allow a depleted battery to charge for a few minutes before turning on the Gear.
  2. If you use multiple apps at once, the battery will drain quickly. To avoid losing power during a data transfer, always use these apps after fully charging the battery.
  3. Using a power source other than the charger, such as a computer, may result in a slower charging speed due to a lower electric current.
  4. If the Gear is being charged with other devices using a multi-charger, charging may take longer.
  5. The Gear can be used while it is charging, but it may take longer to fully charge the battery.
  6. If the Gear receives an unstable power supply while charging, the touchscreen may not function. If this happens, immediately disconnect the Gear from the Gear S4 wireless charging dock and leave the device aside until another power connection can be found.
Gear S4 Tips
  1. Use only charging devices and batteries that are approved by Samsung. Samsung accessories are designed for your device to maximize battery life.
  2. Using other accessories may void your warranty and may cause damage.
  3. Do not disassemble, modify, or repair your device. Placing objects, such as magnetic stripe cards, including credit cards, phone cards, passbooks, and boarding passes, next to the device or charger may cause damage from the charger or device’s magnetic field.
  4. Prevent the USB charger port and the small end of the charger from coming into contact with conductive materials, such as liquids, dust, metal powders, and pencil leads.
  5. During normal operation and charging, the device and wireless charging dock may become warm. If the device, charging dock, or charging stand feels hot, stop using the device or stop charging until it cools.